**I highly recommend atleast 2 hours together for a first date. This leaves time to learn one another**

**If outcall is requested, Please add an additional $100**

-Tour cities: Chicago, Manhattan, Houston, Atlanta (add an additional $100 to rates)


1 hour


90 Minutes


2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours


Encounters longer than 3 hours are perfect for some time outside of the boudoir. (dining, fun activity, etc) 


6 Hours



8 Hours



12 Hours



24 Hours


( I do require at least 6 hours private & uninterrupted sleeping time. This ensures that I'm refreshed for you.)


48 Hours


(I do require at least 6  hours private and uninterrupted sleeping time each day. This ensures that i'm refreshed for you)



The more the merrier! . I'm excited to join you both. Please add $200 to any engagement. Both partners MUST verify, no exceptions. I will also schedule a brief video chat before our date to discuss boundaries, expectations and answer/ask questions. A brief video chat before meeting, makes for a lighter mood and comfort for everyone.


I'd be honored to bring a friend. I have beautiful lady friends and handsome gentlemen who'd love to join us. Please inquire and verify, then I will provide options.

Fly me to you:  

A minimum booking of 12 hours is required.  Please include first class round trip flight, rooming accommodations and any other expense required for my stay. Please inquire.