**If an outcall is requested, Please add an additional $100, in addition to covering valet**

Deposit Policy: Deposits are required for ALL suitors, no exceptions. Deposits are refundable if I should cancel. Deposits are $100 for dates 4 hours or less. Deposits are 50% of the arrangement, for dates 8 hours or longer. I accept deposits via Google pay, cash app and Amazon/vanilla visa gift card. The gift cards can be purchased online or in-store with cash (The deposit goes towards our date and is not an additional charge). This information is covered again on my ‘Client Policy’ page .

Cancellation Policy: Life happens. To date, I've never canceled on anyone. If I should, as a professional, I'd refund your deposit. If you cancel within 48 hours of our scheduled date, 40% of the encounter is required. If you cancel within 24H of our date, 100% of the scheduled date is required. Cancellation fees should be paid within 4 hours of canceling. Abiding by my cancellation policy gives you the opportunity to re-book in the future, as it shows genuine respect, which is greatly appreciated and super sexy. This information is covered again on my ‘Client Policy’ page .

Understanding of rates: I provide a high quality level of service that’s a personalized approach and experience. I've taken my role as a companion and what clients really want, into consideration. My goal is to have a repeat client and become your all time favorite. I understand the natural wants of affection, companionship, excitement and a listening ear. Because I wholeheartedly understand these wants, I have taken them into great consideration and am equipped to leave you fulfilled, satisfied and happy.

New Friends: I recommend at least 90 minutes together for a first date. I like to take time getting to know your desires and wants. This sets a strong foundation for an ongoing relationship.

Last minute/Same day date: + $200 (Want to meet within 8 hours)

In date extension/additional time : $300 / H

Tour rates: Check Below, as they vary by location


1 Hour:

Brief Tease


90 Minutes

Proper Introduction


2 Hours:

Perfect Rendezvous


3 Hours:

Drinks & Kink


Encounters longer than 2 hours are designed to include social time (dining, fun activity, etc). View my date idea page for recommendations !


4 Hours:

Dinner & Dessert


8-12 Hours: Sunset to Sunrise



( I do require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleeping time. This ensures that I'm refreshed for you.)

24 Hours: Blissful Day


( I do require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleeping time. This ensures that I'm refreshed for you.)


48 Hours: Weekend Getaway


(I do require 6  hours of uninterrupted sleeping time each day. This ensures that i'm refreshed for you)


Tour rates:


1H = $500 , 90Min= $600 , 2H= $650 , 3H $800


1H = $375 , 90Min=$475, 2H=$550


This is a monthly arrangement for the client that wants MORE. MORE INTIMACY. MORE COMPANIONSHIP. MORE CONVERSATION. MORE LOVE. MORE SASHA. This kind of arrangement isn’t the typical companion/client relationship and isn’t meant to be. This is something much deeper. Let’s step away from the clock and truly immerse in one another. Each arrangement and rate varies per suitor



The more the merrier! . I'm excited to join you both. Please add $200 to any engagement. A booking minimum of 90 minutes is required and BOTH partners must verify, no exceptions. I will also schedule a brief video chat before our date to discuss boundaries, expectations and answer/ask questions. A brief video chat before meeting, makes for a lighter mood and comfort for everyone.


I’d love to stop by your bachelorrette , super bowl, birthday party, guys night, etc… ! I thrive in social environments and am a party girl at heart. I can even bring some hot friends along for the fun. This is for groups larger than 2 people. There is a base fee for me to arrive, a fee for the length of time that I’m in attendance and my standard rates apply for each participating client. ALL participants must verify with ID and/or P411 (must have more than 2 okays within the past year and 5 okays overall). With larger groups, my safety is even more at risk so I take extra precautions. Please reach out for more information. Include as many details about the party as possible. I can’t wait to party with you !

Base Fee (Rate just for showing up) : $1000 (includes 2 hours of my company) + $300 for every additional hour


A minimum booking of 24 hours is required.  Please include first class/business round trip flight, rooming accommodations and any other expense required for my stay. Please inquire.