Other Arrangements

Want to have some fun without booking a date? These are perfect ways for us to enjoy each other. I love being naughty and using my sexual creativity to taunt and tease. I'm ready whenever you are. 

Sir Text-A-Lot

 We can text as often as you'd like. Two 20 minute phone calls per week and nudes are included. 

$200/ Week (7 days)

$300/ Two weeks (14 days)

$400/ Month (30 days)


Nude Photos

If you're in the mood to receive naughty photos, I'd love to awaken you.

$100 for 2 photos

$ 150 for 4 photos

Sexy Video/Video chat

I can send a naughty 1 minute video or we can video chat.

1 minute video - $60

Video Chat- $50/ 5 min