• Preferred method of Contact: contact form or email.

  • Contacting me: No vulgar language or explicit questions. Do NOT ask what services I offer, please read my reviews here if you're wondering. Understand that I am a TRUE GFE provider. You will not be disappointed.

  • Proper placement of monies: For incall, upon entering, please place monies on the nearest table or bathroom sink upon entering. For outcall, please have monies clearly visible on the bathroom sink or night stand. For public meetings, please have donation in a card or small gift bag and give it to me upon meeting.

  • Deposits: No deposit= NO DATE. Deposits are refundable if I should cancel. Deposits are $100 for dates 4 hours or less. Deposits are 50% of the arrangement, for dates 6 hours or longer. I accept deposits via apple pay, Google pay, and Amazon gift card. For larger deposits, you may send cash/money order to my P.O box via certified overnight delivery. Request my P.O box address for this option. (The deposit goes towards our date and is not an additional charge)

  • Cancellations: Life happens. To date, I've never canceled on anyone. If I should, I will give as much notice as possible and refund your deposit. If you should cancel with more than 72 hour notice , 20% of the encounter is required. If you cancel within 72 hours of our scheduled date, 50% of the encounter is required. Cancellation fees should be paid within 24 hours of cancelling. Abiding by my cancellation policy gives you the opportunity to re-book in the future, as it shows genuine respect which should be rewarded.

  • Rescheduling: Please reach out ATLEAST 48 hours before our date to reschedule. Another deposit is required. The deposit must be paid within 24 hours of the rescheduling notice, if not, this will be considered a cancellation.

  • Proper Appointment Notice: I ask that you contact for me a date AT LEAST 12 hours in advance. Last minute appointments are POSSIBLE, but not always doable, so please inquire and be respectful when doing so.

  • Late Arrival: I try my best to ALWAYS be on time and expect the same from you. If I am running late, I will notify you. The time taken away from my tardiness will be added onto the end of our date. If you're running late, please notify me, as soon as possible.

  • Cleanliness/Personal hygiene: I appreciate a clean gentleman as it makes our time more enjoyable. I will have toiletries available for you to freshen up with.