Date Wishlist 

These are places or events that would make for an amazing date adventure. Whether you wish to accompany me or just send me off for some fun, I'd love to do anything listed here. My wishlist showcases a few items that I'd love to call my own. Gifts are never expected but ALWAYS appreciated. Thank you for taking time to learn a bit more about me.

I have a P.O box. Contact me to receive the address.

Events and Date ideas

  • A cruise to the Bahamas, Alaska, etc..

  • Hot air ballooning

  • Comedy show

  • Jet ski

  • swim with dolphins

  • boat ride

  • Concert

  • Vacation to bora bora, Egypt, South America, China, Africa, Puerto Vallarta, etc.

  • private plane ride

  • Art gallery

  • Nature park

  • Botanical garden

  • Paint and sip class

  • Strip clubs are ALWAYS fun