Upcoming Tour Dates:

I will be home, in Altamonte Springs, in between touring. I am available for 'Fly me to you' arrangements. subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on my tours.

Don’t see your city? A FM2Y isn’t doable? Simply book 4H or more with 50% deposit and I’ll add your city to my tour list.

Announcement: November 12-15, I can spend time in the Carolinas or Minnesota. Where should I go? Prebook to let me know (:

Chicago: October 29-November 1

Cleveland, OH : November 5-8

Charleston, SC: November 11 - 13

Charlotte, NC: November 13 - 15

Bloomington, MN : November 12-15

Nashville, TN: November 18-20

Chatanooga, TN: November 20-22

Naples: December 17 - 20

NYC + London Spring 2020

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Telephone Number : (404) 423-9711

Email: sashabenjamin@safeoffice.com (encypted and hosted offshore)

I have a secondary & discrete email address used for employment verification's.


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